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We are able to supply the Wire Healds in any Length trom S| ” to 26 ”
(i.e.241 mm. tp 660 !’nm.) and Standard Gauger of wires are
recommended 20 G.,22G.,24 G,,27 G., 30 G. ?rrd 32 G.

“SIMKO & MASTER” brand Wire Healds have been INTRODUCED after a
long and vast experience of the managmeni and all possible quality
control measures are adopted at each and every process to avoid any
deviation in quality.

Our Plant is completely equiped with all the latest Wire Heald techniques,
and we are able to accept the various types of requirements for the
Healds in textile lndustries.

Standard and most running range of centre eyes, and end loops are shown
on lnside page and it is advisable to select the requirement from the
same, However, for your requirement of speeial types of healds, You
may please co...

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