About Us

Simko Enterprise established in year 1980. The Use of Wire Healds in the proceeds of interlacing threads in Textile Industry is very eminent and inevitable for various types of Fabrics. “SIMKO and MASTER brand Healds are outcome for considerable expertise with modern techniques involved in comprehensive production. The highest quality of Steel Wire & Pure Tin is strictly preferred to yield qualitative operations in our well equipped modern plant.

SIMKO & MASTER brand wire healds are outstanding factory engineered, tested. checked, economical and guaranteed. They are proved to be of standard specifications for officiant services with the entire satisfaction of Textile Industries in its right and earnest way

Our various types of Healds ‘Plain Twisted Inserted Eye. Inserted & Twisted Eye are come forward to meet with suitable requirements of woven world for easy operation. maintenance and preservance.




The End Loops : The size and shape of end Loops depend on the heald Rods being used for heald frames .The End Loops help the eyes of healds to face correct direction The End Loops come in Round/Oblong shape. We are also able to supply Wire Healds With Repair type special loops at end, so that, the healds can be replaced even on the working heald frame. The wire Healds are generally manufactured with coloured Top Loops so as to show the top side correctly. and the healds can be place to face correct direction. However, if so desired, we are able to supply the healds with special Crimp to achieve the above purpose.