Vision and Mission

“There is always a Better solution” Simko Enterprise – we believe in quality, improvisations and innovations. We always make sure our products remember as quality products to customers’ need. We keep our product updated and believe improvisation is a never ending process so we always welcome changes according to the new developments in industry and technology to get the best possible finishing results for our clients.

We try to excel in all the functional departments of our products and provide the best quality products. Our efforts are always to deliver the best. At Continental’s we are always ready to serve our customers, we always try to provide best and economical solutions to their weaving needs.

With our one of the best infrastructure and experienced R&D departments we can also design the products according to the customers needs. We also manufacture the odd products (products with fewer demands). So when we say we have the complete range in weaving accessories we try to fulfill all the requirements of the clients.

Simko Enterprise’s – we are committed to deliver the better quality products and modified weaving solutions according to our industry’s needs.